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Would you pay 5$ for this plate ???

keto Recipe

Would you pay 5$ for this plate ???


I’ve always loved sandwiches and it’s what pretty much got me through my college years.

Subway, Quiznos, the local deli’s, I ate it all.  But now given that sandwiches are no longer an option

being low-carb/keto, I had to find replacements to traditional sandwiches.

There are popular substitutions like ‘unwiches’ where the bread is replaced with a lettuce wrap but

they never fully satisfied my sandwich cravings


1/2 cup pork rind crumbs

1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

2 tbl  kraft mayo

1 egg


Whisk mayo and egg together first then add cheese and pork rind crumbs. Let dough rest a few


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